We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

  • May 22, 2018

    To all of you, We want to thank you, so much for your exceptional service, the planning on Monday and all of your care that day of Irene Herron's service. It meant so much to us, knowing you were taking care of everything. The food and drinks were such a nice and thoughtful touch. Thank you again for your care and everything. Irene's hair and make-up were perfect. Keep up the good work! Sincerely ' Jim and Karen Herron

    Jim and Karen Herron
  • May 11, 2018

    Thank you for making it easier for our family and Merlin looked himself. Thanks for all everyone did and the support and love given to us. Thanks for food after viewing and making us very comfortable with all. God bless each of you. Love Marilyn Grosch and family

    Marilyn Grosch and family
  • May 07, 2018

    Eric, With your donation and many other, my team was able to raise $11,315.80 for the Leukenia and Lymphoma Society. Thank you so much for your donation.! With Love Norah Amanda Fagan

    Norah and Amanda
  • April 25, 2018

    Thanks for bike I win at the Easter hunt heartland

    Brynn Taylor
  • April 10, 2018

    Thank you all for all of your kindness and love during our time of sorrow... And also for the laugh's. The Brewers

    The Gary Foureman Family
  • April 02, 2018

    Thank you so much for your generous support of our 8th grade class trip. We really appreciate it! Sincerely, Wyatt Rammel St. Mary's 8th grade

    St Mary's 8th grade
  • Facebook Testimonial We laid my mother-in-law to rest Thursday. There are some people/businesses to thank for their help in making her memorial service a very special celebration of her life. Tribute Funeral Homes (used to be Oliver Floyd), Oh my gosh, Eric Fee, I can't even begin to say what needs to be said about YOU and you staff, the guidance, compassion & the attention to detail, AMAZING! We told Eric (owner of Tribute)how much Charlene liked Esther Price candy, they bought 2 boxes and had them at the funeral home, a gift from them. Every single employee there, OUTSTANDING! (Debb) Charlene looked beautiful. We didn't *want* for anything during the visitation/funeral or at the grave site. It was cold, they had hot chocolate, coffee, blankets & hand warmers at the cemetery. Thank you. The Flower Patch (Rick & Kathy), you guys did a amazing job as always. (you know what you did for Linda). The flowers were beautiful. Thank you We want to thank everyone who took the time out of their day to come and pay their respects, it meant a lot to all of us. Maybe you sent a card, flowers, brought us food or other keepsakes, we appreciate you thoughtfulness. Comments on Facebook post; Facebook User: And to add Dian Neff Bulcher, Eric Fee, Debb Summers, Rick Hunt and that entire staff is the best! The compassion they possess for families is the best! Facebook User: I cannot begin to say how grateful I am to be able to have semi-attended the funeral live on Facebook. All of my cousins know how much it meant to me. Whoever was in charge of that at the funeral deserves big hug!! And Kathy completely understood how important the flower arrangements were to me. A very gracious lady. Facebook User: It's hard to really express how grateful we are to Tribute Funeral Homes & Eric Fee. This man has an incredible gift. They are all amazing. They did a Facebook Live feed for our family out of state so they could *attend*. Just so many special touches. Facebook User: They all did an amazing job! Grandma looked beautiful (as always)! The staff was Great! Grandma never wanted to even think about dying, but, she would be very happy with the service she got! Thank you all! Facebook User: Yes, everything was top notch Tribute Funeral Home. The staff was great! Such attention to detail. Grandma looked beautiful. Loved the hand warmers at the grave site. RIP grandma.

    Dian and Eric Bulcher
  • March 29, 2018

    Dear Eric and Posse, We sincerely thank each one of you who had a hand in making Charlene's trip home such an easy experience for all of us. We are so grateful for your guidance compassion and comfort. You are around so much sadness and you all have a special gift from God to ease the pain or others. We are beyond grateful we picked Tribute. Eric, thank you so very much for doing Charlene's service. It was perfect. Debb and David, she looked beautiful. Tank you to Carrie, Carrie and Tom (David too I think) for the pictures, CD and especially the FB live feed. If I missed anyone, I' sorry. Very thankful to all of you. Thank you for the Esther Price candy what a special touch. Charlene Walters Family Eric and Dian Bulcher Cindy and Kent Fenstermaker Tony Walters And all of our families

    Charlene walters Family
  • March 29, 2018

    To our Tribute Funeral Home Family Thank you you so much for all your hard work and outstanding service. Words cannot describe how grateful we are that Brian (dad) could be honored with a full military service. You will always have our gratitude and appreciation! Love, the Crawford Family

  • January 08, 2018

    Majestic Pet Memorial Services Thanks so much for your love and compassion to our very loved fur babies. Annie and Ziggy were the best! Hope all is well in 2018! Love, Ken & Sherry Preston

    Ken & Sherry Preston
  • December 22, 2017

    Thank you for remembering. Hi, my name is Becky and I have loved horses for as long as I can remember and that is a long time as I just turned 67. I live in Ohio and we now have 3 horses and we live on a farm and we also have 16 barn cats that do their share of keeping rodents at bay. I had/received a beautiful remembrance today from my friends at Braund Pope Oliver-Floyd Funeral Services. You see on Sept. 26, 2017 we lost my beautiful 23 year old Quarter Horse Doc to colic. These kind people were the ones who helped with my mares cremation, well today they sent me a Christmas Letter with a wooden horse inside and it had Doc's name on it, of course I cried but I just wanted everyone to know that this was the nicest, sweetest gesture and means the world to me. Deb's compassion and heartfelt sympathies is the greatest gift you can give someone who has lost an animal that has been such a big part of your family and your life. Because we are approaching the end of this year I was reflecting back on all of the wonderful trail rides that Doc and I shared and just the love I had for her I know she felt or I hope she did. So that is what I am feeling today and thank you to this group for allowing me to tell a bit of my story. Merry Christmas to all and may God bless you and your 4 legged loved ones. Thank you Deb and you too Eric God Bless you both.

    Becky Clifton
  • November 15, 2017

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for assisting the City of Greenville firefighters and Greenville Township EMS by providing donuts for them during their Advance Extrication Training on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at the Darke County Fairgrounds. This training provided the advanced training and knowledge for emergency responders at a motor vehicle emergency. Your generosity during this training was very much appreciated. It is the caring and concern from businesses like you that makes the City of Greenville the wonderful community that it is and allows us to continue to host high quality training evolutions for our emergency responders. Sincerely. Brad Wilcox, Lieutenant City of Greenville Fire Department

    Greenville Fire Department
  • October 09, 2017

    Thank you for assisting us with Mom's obituary. Your kindness was overwhelming to our family. The family of Marilyn Seiber

    The Family of Marilyn Seiber
  • September 29, 2017

    Subject: My Beloved Horse "Doc" Message: Boy I'm just not sure where to start, but I guess I should start by saying a huge heartfelt thank you to Deb Summers, she was such a huge help in making cremation arrangements for my beloved Quarter Horse "Doc". Doc has been a part of our family since 1997, we purchased her locally and she was only 3 years old and she was a huge part of our family and our lives. She developed colic, which is a serious ailment that horses can get and most times it can easily be handled with the help of a vet and medicine. Doc developed colic on Monday afternoon we immediately called the vet and had her/him come to the farm. We were up with her all night long and the vet said to call if she wasn't better by early am. Well she wasn't better and was in alot of pain so called vet at 6 am he came back out gave her another exam gave her medicine said if she wasn't passing stool by 10:30 am we should prepare to take her to OSU Equine Vet Hospital in Columbus. That was what we did and the OSU team were excellent they helped us to get her unloaded and immediately took us to ICU for Equines. After x-rays ultrasound and blood tests Dr. Rings suggested we allow them to do surgery so they could find out exactly what was wrong. They did the surgery and after 2 hours they gave us our options and they were not good. 15 feet of her small intestine had died and she was full of toxins from the dead intestines. They were having trouble keeping her blood pressure up but if we wanted they could remove bad intestines and reconnect her small bowel and hope that it would heal without anymore problems. Now came the hard part I had to decide whether to allow them to continue or if I chose I could let her go. My choice was not easy but I had to think of her and I decided to let her go. It was hearbreaking and I still have my crying spells but I do believe it was the right choice. Now that is where Deb comes in I had called the office because I know Eric and he had told me about their pet cremations but I wasn't sure how or what they considered "PETS". Anyway I called the office and they told me they would have Deb Summers get in touch with me, she did about 20 minutes later and gave me information about the cremation options that were available. She was very compassionate and understanding and oh so helpful. God Bless you Deb for helping me and Donn through such a difficult time with the loss of our Doc. Eric you have a keeper here she is such an asset to your organization and I want you to know I would recommend you folks to any of my fellow horse owners. We never want to have this happen but it does and with the compassion and helpfulness Deb showed to us I know any of my fellow horse owners would be very happy with your services. Thank you and God Bless you for having these services for our Fur Babies. Sincerely, Becky Clifton.

    Becky Clifton
  • September 26, 2017

    Thank you so much for sponsoring our August First Friday event, The Artisan Stroll, It has grown to be on of our largest events and this year was mo exception with over 75 vendors and organizations participating. Even with the chilly weather there were over 2,000 people estimated to be in attendance and that is wonderful for our business. Planning and executing these events would not be possible without the support of the sponsors and we are so grateful for Braund Pope and Oliver Floyd's commitment to helping Greenville thrive. We are committed to making downtown Greenville the place to be and your support helps make that happen! Thank you again, The Artisan Stroll Committee

    The Artisan Stroll Committee
  • August 21, 2017

    Thank you for your generous support to the Eck Ary-Douglas Dickey American Legion Post #353. We greatly appreciate your help in supporting our Auxiliary and our Veterans. The Veterans appreciate you. Thansk you Vera Moore Ladies Auxilary

    Ansonia American Leagion Auxiliary
  • August 09, 2017

    On behalf of the Mississinawa VAlley Elementary staff and students we would like to THANK YOU for your generous donation towards our second annual FUN RUN over 400 students (K-6th), teachers and parents were involved this year. Your donation, along with many others, made this a free event for all students. Students receive a shirt, awards/prizes, snacks, entertainment and other healthy fun things for our kick off to summer, healthy kids day! We already have plans to make next year even bigger abd better. Hopefully we can count on your support again next spring! Thanks again, Sara Smith Emy Clark Event Coordinators, teachers

    2nd Annual MV Fun Run
  • June 14, 2017

    Thank you for donating to our youth auction. It was a big success and made enough money so all the youth can go on their missions trip this summer. Without your help none of this would have happened. We greatly appreciate your generous donation and taking the time to help the future of our youth. Our youth are the future for tomorrow! Thank you from all of the youth

    Ansonia United Methodist Church Youth Group
  • June 02, 2017

    Thank you for allowing the Greenville FFA and Alumni use your lot to sell flowers from our greenhouse! It was our 1st time using our "Mobile" flower stand and it was a huge success! It surprise us how much a few yards can change a sale day! Thank you for your support of the FFA! Sincerely ' Greenville FFA & FFA Alumni Members

    Greenville FFA and FFA Alumni Members
  • June 01, 2017

    Thank you for your supporting LWSB

    Lady Wave Softball Team
  • May 22, 2017

    Our 8th Annual Bunco 4 Boobies was another OUTSTANDING success with another awesome donation! We would like to extend a huge thank you for your support of this year's event! Your support was a key factor in our donation of $23,500 to the Cancer Association of Darke County, as well as donations to six area families currently battling cancer! We are so thankful for your support!! We had over 300 players, served tons of food, & gave away over 250 prizes while raising money for a great cause! In eight years we have donated just under $160,000 to the CADA & area families! We hope you will support us again in 2017 for our 9th Annual event, as we keep Rolling 4 a Cure!! THANK YOU!

    8th Annual Bunco 4 Boobies
  • May 11, 2017

    On behalf of the Mississinawa Valley SADD Chapter, we would like to extend a sincere thank you for dedicating your time and resources to help allow the Mississinawa Valley "Mock Crash" be a phenomenal success! It takes a community to come together to make a such an impactful and profound statement, and that is exactly what happened! Not only was your devoted time and action for this activity really appreciated, but your ongoing service is immeasurable. Thank you for what each you did and continue to do daily! Thanks to YOU, our students will remember this event--and its messege--for years to come... With much gratitude, Mississinawa Valley SADD Ashley Austerman Tricia Seubert

    Mississinawa Valley SADD
  • The Darke County Friends of the Shelter would like to thank you for your continued sponsorship of our race. With all of the local races seeking sponsors we are very grateful that you choose to support the 5K for Scentral Park. Thank you again for your generosity. Sincerely, Gail Shafer

    Darke County Friends of the Shelter
  • May 05, 2017

    Your donations was so special! We greatly appreciate you and your generosity. House of Hope thanks you!

    House of Hope
  • April 28, 2017

    Thank you so much for your generous contribution of $565.46 to the Mountain Tough Recovery Team (MTRT), a newly form 501c (3) non profit to assist individuals and families recovering from the "November 2016 Wildfires in Gatlinburg and the surrounding Sevier County Area" to rebuild and provide resources for other unmet needs for our uninsured and underinsured low-income families and individuals. We greatly appreciate your donation toward the rebuilding of homes and providing other unmet needs to help those impacted by the fire establish a new normal acceptable quality of life. We are known as a community that works together to enhance the quality of life for all who live and visit here. We are very excited about the news of our first home being rebuilt starting next week in Gatlinburg. Please feel free to follow our progress and services available at www.mountaintough.org. On behalf of the Sevier County community, please accept our sincere appreciation. Kindest regards, Ellen Wilhoit Chair, Mountain Tough Recovery Team

    Mountain Tough Recovery Team
  • February 28, 2017

    Dear Friends, Thank your recent contributions to Brethren Retirement Community. Gifts to the Resident Aid Fund are vital to ensure we meet the essential needs of those who have exhausted their resources. Your commitment is powerful vote of confidence in our ministry and we will wise stewards of the resources you have provided us. Brethren Retirement Community is privileged to serve our residents who are entrusted to our care. We are especially grateful that by your gift you have chosen to invest in our mission of serving older adults in our community. Your generous contribution gives our residents in financial need the priceless gift of a secure future and peace of mind. On behalf of the Board of Directors, resident, resident families and staff, please know we are grateful for your generous contribution and thank you again for your continued support. God's Blessing, John L. Warner President and CEO

    Brethren Retirement Community
  • February 10, 2017

    Dear Carie and Braund Pope and Oliver Floyd Funeral Home Staff: Thank you very much for the donuts, juice and milk you provided for the students and staff at St. Mary's School to begin our Catholic Schools Week activities. Everybody at the school appreciated your kindness and thoughtfulness. As principal, I appreciate you thinking about our school during this week of celebrations for all Catholic schools across the nation. Sincerely yours, Vernon Rosenbeck Principal Greenville St. Mary's School

    Saint Mary's School
  • January 30, 2017

    Cookies were such a nice treat! What a generous gift. Not only were they delicious, it feels so good to be thought of. Many thanks Kitty Davis 3-4 Principal and Jody Harter K-2 Principal

    Greenville Elementary School
  • January 23, 2017

    On behalf of Ansonia First Church of God, thank you for all your contributions this past year. Because of your giving, the name of Jesus has been proclaimed more and more and others have come to know Him better and better!

    Ansonia First Church of God
  • January 23, 2017

    It takes people like you for your school to succeed. Thank you for volunteering your time and the cookies.

    Greenville Middle School
  • January 10, 2017

    Dear Braund Pope Funeral Team, On behalf of the Castine Church of the Brethren, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for the memorial gift contribution in memory of Wanda Clawson. Wanda was a faithful partner in this ministry and I feel would be pleased that you have chosen to honor her in this way. The contribution will be used to further the cause of Christ. In His Service, Greg Hyre Senior Pastor

    Castine Church of the Brethren
  • December 16, 2016

    Dear Eric and Crew, Thank you for being a part of the Gatlinburg relief effort! Every tome I drive by and see thr truck parked out front. I am reminded how great our community really is. Thanks for what you do! Merry Christmas Naomi

  • December 05, 2016

    Eric thank you for all of your support this year, we greatly appreciate it.

    Main Street Greenville
  • December 06, 2016

    Thank you on the behalf of the First Assembly of God Board and congregation for the generous and thoughtful Legacy Program gift for $230.00 in the memory of Joe Martin. Your gift has bee directed to the Building Fund to help with repairs and so forth. Joe would be pleased to know of your generosity and it being used to benefit the church as a whole. He was a faithful and strong supporter of our community as well as First Assembly and will be missed greatly. Again, thank you & may God bless you for the loving tribute to our dear friend.

    First Assemby of God
  • November 01, 2016

    Friends at Braund Pope Funeral, Thank you so much for helping us make our first PCOC 5K Journey a success. We had a great turn out and appreciate your role in our success. We look forward to partnering with you next year for our 5K Journey. Thank you, Kathryn Osborne

    PCOC 5K Journey
  • October 17, 2016

    On behalf of Shine On Corynna Inc., thank you for your generous support of $50 for the 3rd annual Shine On Corynna 5K run/walk and event. Your generosity will allow us to continue Corynna's legacy and her wish to raise awareness toward a cure for Mitochondrial Disease. It will also allow us to give back to her community that surround her with support. Thank you for your kindness, Shine On Corynna Inc.

    Shine On Corynna Inc.
  • Thanks again the Veteran' appreciate you so much!

    Eck Ary-Douglas Dickey American Legion Post #353
  • August 17, 2016

    Eric , On behalf of the Darke County United Way, thank you for helping us at Kitchen Aid. With a staff of only two people, we rely on volunteers to get it all done. You did a great job and seemed to have a lot of fun, too. Again, thank you! I truly appreciate the giving of your time for the United Way. Sincerely, Christy Baker

    United Way
  • June 17, 2016

    I want to thank each and every one if you for generous support again this year of the 2016 MATT LIGHT FOOTBALL CAMP. I doubt I can properly express my appreciation for your financial support each year of the unique football camp. This is the only camp of its kind in the surrounding area that is offered at no cost to the athletes. I am very proud to be able to offer this camp to the youth of Greenville, Darke County, and the surrounding countries. It is unusual to provide young kids a free two-day camp that includes structure, excellent coaching, and positive direction. As usual, Matt Light was present for both days of the camp. Matt had some inspiring and motiving words for the campers, and the kids responded positively to his presence and advice. Let me not fail to mention, we have 18 area football coaches (mot are varsity assistants or head coaches)who take time from their busy summer schedules to eagerly work this camp. Let me remind you this is the only camp many of these kids will get to attend, simple because it is free. This concept is only possible through the generosity if the business people of Greenville and Darke County. The true meaning of t "giving back" is demonstrated by the good businessmen, businesswomen of Greenville and Darke County supporting the unique concept of a free football camp. This year, the 23rd year, we had another great turnout for the camp-185 campers! I hope to continue the camp again in 2017 for the 24nd Annual Matt Light Football Camp. It is my Hope that I can count on your support next year. Respectfully, Larry E. Master

    The Light Foundation All Conference Football Camp
  • June 16, 2016

    Thank you for donating the I Tunes cards for our run. The students had an amazing time while promoting a healthy lifestyle. Also thank you for allowing Deb to come and help with the event. Thank you, Mississinawa Valley Elementary

    Mississinawa Local School
  • June 06, 2016

    Thank you for your generous sponsorship of the Mega Wild 5K. Your contribution is helping us invest in the developing of leaders for the future of Darke County!

    EUM Church Children's Youth Ministries
  • May 13, 2016

    It takes people like you for our school to succeed. Thank you for volunteering your time and bringing in goodies.

    South Middle School Teachers
  • May 09, 2016

    On behalf of East School, Thank You for the Bob Evans cookies and brownies. Sincerely East Staff

    East Staff Greenville School
  • May 09, 2016

    The Staff of Woodland Primary School would like to thank you for your generous donation of cookies and brownie. It is so nice to feel appreciated during Teacher Appreciation Week.

    Woodland Primary Schools
  • May 09, 2016

    Thank you so much for sending the delicious treats to our teachers today! They were much appreciated! Casey Robison

    Ansonia Schools
  • May 02, 2016

    The Darke County Friends of the Shelter would like to thank you for your continued support of our 5K Walk/Run with your sponsorship. Although the weather didn't exactly cooperate 197 people started the race many with their dogs. Hopefully it will be warmer next year! Thank you again for your generosity. Sincerely Gail Shafer P.S. Your brochure was very informative about your services. Thanks for composing one for our race bags.

    Darke County Friends of the Shelter
  • April 25, 2016

    Thank you for the very tasty way of showing your appreciation! It is always a boost knowing someone is thinking of you.

    Fifth Third Bank Greenville
  • April 22, 2016

    Thank you on behalf of the First Assembly of God Board and congregation for the generous and thoughtful gift of monetary in the memory of Charlie Colvin and Michael Crawford from the Legacy Program. The Board as directed the gifts toward the Children's Kid's Zone education building's mortgage. Charlie would be pleased to know of your generosity and it being used to benefit the church as a whole. He was a faithful and strong supporter of our community as well as First Assembly and will be missed greatly. Again, thank you and may God bless you for the loving tribute to our dear friend.

    First Assembly of God
  • March 22, 2016

    Thank you and you staff for taking care of my sister, Arlene Shepherd. She looked very nice. Everyone commented on wonderful of a job you guys do.

    Charlene Bergman
  • February 24, 2016

    Eric and Staff, Thank you so much for your support and contribution to our program, we couldn't do it without you. We make every effort to provide a program that families can enjoy while incorporating ministry and showing the love of Jesus in effort to be a light in our community, Your generosity helps make that happen! Please accept our gratitude and sincere appreciation for partnering with us in our efforts. May God richly bless you! Numbers 6: 24 - 26 Dan & Barb Hicks - Directors

    Upwards Sports
  • February 24, 2016

    Thank you for taking care of the services for Sandy Horn, you did a great job. Brett Horn Bill Horn

    Horn Family
  • February 19, 2016

    Thank you for the awesome job and all your great help.

    Charlotte Fletcher
  • February 04, 2016

    We would like to thank Eric Fee and Oliver Floyd Funeral Home for the tithe (Legacy Program) that you paid to our church after the service of one of our members. The money we received helped feed the family and a few other added cost. Thank you for your faithfulness to God, the church and our community. Praying that God continues to bless you business. Pastor Sam Shilot Pastor, Triumphant Christian Center, Greenville, Ohio

    Pastor Sam Shilot
  • January 05, 2016

    Dear Friends at Braund Pope and Oliver Floyd Funeral Homes, Brethren Retirement Community is most appreciative of the generous gift to the General Fund toward the purchase of a new bus on 12/22/2015. We are reminded daily that our success is due to countless individuals, churches, and organizations over the decades who shared our vision to provide a home for older adults. Brethren Retirement Community is especially grateful that by your gift, you have chosen to invest in our mission of serving older adults in our community. Your generous contribution gives our residents in financial need the priceless gift of a secure future and peace of mind. On behalf of the Board of Directors, residents families and staff, please know we are grateful for your generous contribution and thank you again for you continued support. God's Blessings, John Warner President and CEO

    John L. Warner
  • February 03, 2016

    I greatly appreciate and want to thank you for your donation to our care ministry. Your generosity will help us care for the many congregants here at EUM Church. This truly is a blessing and will allow us to be able to help others in many different ways. Examples of these uses are: funeral meals, care bags for shut-ins and the purchasing of materials to provide help to those who have lost a loved one and are grieving. I will pray the God continues to bless your business and again a very heartfelt thank you. Luke 6:38: Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with measure you use, it will be measured to you. Sincerely, Rev. Don Smith Care Pastor EUM Church

    Rev. Don Smith
  • This past year was my seventh year showing pigs through Banner Bound 4H Club. I picked out two pigs in the spring; a light crossbred named Henry and a dark crossbred named Thumbs. i worked with them all summer trying to get them ready for the fair. This included walking them, keeping their pens clean, washing them and feeding them, Although I worked as hard as I could this past year, i ran into more obstacles than usual. Last year was a learning experience and i had a lot of fun doing and learning new things. I would like to take this time and thank you for your support this past year at the Great Darke County Fair. You helped to make this last year memorable. i hope to see you again next year, thank you, again.

    Akylor D. Marker